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Ethics Policy

by Evan McIntosh

Integrity Policy:

Our Integrity Policy applies to all sites forming a part of the Good Games Writing (GGW) network. As we cover both gaming and its surrounding culture (including the media), our policies reflect broader beliefs and values than many other publications.

Gaming Coverage

Our coverage of games may include conversations about them at any stage in development, both pre and post-release. We will inform readers of which stage of the game’s development we are covering, including, where applicable, which version is being played and on which console(s).

Sometimes, we will cover games “pre-release”. In a news/reporting capacity, we will cover these games as journalists first, clearly denoting editorialized aspects (such as blogs, opinion pieces, etc) when applicable.

The means by which we have access to a pre-release game, whether through public access or limited access for the purposes of coverage, will be disclosed. Sometimes we may cover games based on publisher-sponsored events. These will always be flagged as such.

When reviewing games, we will note whether it is a pre-release or consumer copy, as well as who provided the copy of the game, at the conclusion of the review.

Modern games are constantly changing. As such, we will offer ongoing coverage of games well beyond their initial release window. Reviews and other coverage may be periodically updated to reflect the changes made to a game or its related services.

Cultural Coverage

Our coverage of the cultural landscape of gaming includes, but is not limited to, events, cosplay, crossover with other cultures, gaming communities, industry news, and media.

As members of the media and trusted stewards of games writing, we hold ourselves to a higher standard.

Original stories are valued. When researching pieces, our writers will endeavour to interview sources through voice communication or face to face. In instances where this is not tenable, that information will be disclosed.

Our sources are not paid. Ever. We will protect the anonymity of sources if requested, including remarks made bookended by an “off the record” disclosure. When possible, information will be vetted multiple times. Anonymous sources will only be used on the approval of a majority vote of the Editorial Board.

Team members do not cover companies they are employed by, have ownership in (including stocks or other options), have personal connections to, or companies with which they have pre-existing relationships with that goes beyond a professional capacity unless their coverage consists of a disclaimer explaining the relationship at the start of the text.

One exception to this comes in coverage of the gaming media. Our team are also able to actively freelance with other publications. As well, a number of industry leaders support our project’s mission by contributing to events such as #PitchJam and The Goodies. Prohibiting promoting the work from the variety of publications our team has been featured in is untenable: Disclaimers will only be provided when the work in question is written by a present or past team member, including at the conclusion of our commentary and with the #shamelessselfpromotion tag.

Our team is free to contribute to Kickstarters, Patreons, and other crowdfunding without exception. However, games covered by a team member with crowdfunded connections will be treated as an industry relationship requiring disclosure at the start of the content.

Advertising, Contests, and Promotions

Advertorial is gross. It will never be featured on GGW or our sites.

We do employ advertising to offset the costs associated with running this site. This may include banner/video ads, in-line advertisements, referrals to third-party websites (via Amazon) when we recommend a certain product or deal, or other forms of promotions. Our editorial will not be influenced by advertisers.

Please note: Liftoff! does not run either advertising or contests/promotions.

We may occasionally post contests or promotions for our readers. These promotions will be subject to the laws of Canada (thus likely excluding residents of Quebec). Conditions, terms, and odds of winning will be unique to each event and clearly outlined. Products or services being given away should not be seen as being endorsed by us.

Representing GGW

We understand our team members have lives beyond our publication. However, in this highly digitized world, they must also understand that interconnectedness has meant there is no true separation from ones personal views and that of an employer, at least in the eyes of the public. However, the views of our team are theirs and solely theirs, and only represent the site’s if released as part of an Editorial Board message.

When researching pieces, our team must clearly identify themselves to interview subjects as part of our team. Contributing writers must identify the publication in which they intend to publish the story.

Only authorized personnel may represent GGW at events, in interviews, or otherwise. Their status is determined solely by the management team.

Ethics Violations

If you believe any member has violated this ethics policy, please contact us.

ATTN: Mr. Evan McIntosh, Executive Editor


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