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by Evan Mcintosh

Aaron Hudspeth – Technical Director, co-founder

Aaron is an experienced technical wizard. He’s operated his own servers for over 15 years and self-taught himself a number of technical skills. His career has seen his technical talents at work repairing both consumer and government products. Liftoff!’s launch represents a decade of working on editorial based sites that included both sites under the GoodGamesWriting umbrella, along with formerly managing the tech behind VideoGameWriters, 8th Circuit/Overmental, and BSU’s gaming site, Byte.

Evan McIntosh – Executive Editor, co-founder

In charge of all editorial content on Liftoff!, Evan brings years of experience as both an educator and a freelance writer to our team, and knowledge in a wide variety of topics. Before beginning his teaching career, he ran an activity centre and museum themed around dinosaurs, selling fossils and minerals as a cornerstone to the business. His teaching career has largely focused on history and physical activity and there he has gained a particular fondness for Indigenous games. Evan began writing in 2006 with amateur reviews and starting in 2011 regularly freelanced on topics of gaming, food, politics, and sports.


  • Larissa Jones
  • Jaeger Basger
  • Jupiter Hadley
  • Brittany Vincent
  • Desma Fettig
  • Dylan Tierney
  • Elijah Beahm
  • Emily Morrow
  • Matthew Morey

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