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by Evan McIntosh

We are seeking additional pitches for an experimental paid release format (to be sold at $2.99 an issue) beyond the normal scope of our website. This imprint is being called GAMMA.

We encourage new writers to pitch us. Our editing team will work with good ideas above all.

Pokémon Anime

Pitches should present a unique angle or examination on any aspect of the animated series or accompanying movies or shorts. We’re after specific character analyses, explorations of narrative arcs, lists about the best Team Rocket costumes, and reflections on the series’ impact.

Approved pitches will offer original insights into a long-running television series. All seasons are eligible for consideration.

We are seeking pitches on the anime and the anime only. TCG, gaming, culture, or other pitches will be rejected.

Pitches will be accepted at liftoffmag@gmail.com with “GAMMA” in the subject line. Pitches may be addressed to Larissa Jones, Culture Editor.

Pitches will be accepted until Saturday, April 3rd, at noon Pacific.


We pay $0.10 USD / negotiated word. That means if we assign 1200 words you’ll receive a defined payment of $120 via PayPal, even if we only publish 1000.

We anticipate accepting pitches ranging in size from 600 – 3000 words.

We pay on approved submission not on publication.

A digital copy of the publication will be provided upon release.

*Please note: Liftoff!’s standard rate is $0.05/word. This experimental format is a paid release so we are offering higher rates than normal.*


Pitches will be accepted until Saturday, April 3rd, at noon Pacific.

Deadlines will be staggered throughout the month of May.

The final release of pieces is anticipated the week of June 21st.


Additionally, we are inviting artists to submit proposals for graphics work, including illustrations for select pieces, as well as for cover art. Portfolios featuring Pokémon related art along with proposed fees for this commercial product can be submitted to evan@liftoffmag.com with GAMMA in the subject line.

About Us:

We’re a self-funded, independent publication aimed at providing stories around gaming, science, and technology aimed at teenagers. We want our work to spark conversations around the dinner table and at schools.

Good Games Writing is our parent and we follow its mandate to “change the discourse.

Our freelancers have contributed to publications like The Hollywood Reporter, Polygon, The Escapist, Paste, GoNintendo, Unwinnable, and others.

We like bold features that wouldn’t necessarily run elsewhere as well as thought provoking essays. Our audience is largely teenagers in a school setting: We do not run stories on M-rated games or games with excessive microtransactions without good reason.

You can get a sense of the types of pieces we run by reading these:

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